Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hope this doesn't sound redundant... This blog will be about (mostly experimental) music and sound art concerts that I've attended, some other music that I happen to be interested in, and some visual art; all from (mostly) the Seattle area. For those who've stumbled upon this blindly, it's a continuation of my earlier “StormSound Cycle” blog – but that one was mostly about the performance and composition of a single (very long) piece of music. Once the piece was performed, the blog wrapped up. This one is likely to continue…

The first postings will appear later this week. The next concerts I'm planning to attend are the upcoming John Cage tribute by Neal Kosaly-Meyer and (from the same evening!) an open mike at Woodland Park Presbyterian Church - an open mike that encourages experimental (and all other kinds of) music. Both are on Friday, August 12th, so maybe I'll find something to fill in, in this blog, before then.

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