Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updates: Uploads and Upcoming Concert

Concert on Friday, September 16th: I’ll be playing piano on one or more free improvisations with two of the Hexaphonic Three (Bruce Greeley, bass clarinet, and Mike Sentkewitz, bass). This is sort of a reunion of some of the participants in the 9-hour “StormSound” Cycle last May; though this time it will deal more with ultra-spontaneity. 8:00, Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center, Seattle; sliding scale, $5-15.00.

I’ve added a composition based on some material I recorded at the “Arts in Nature Festival” to my SoundCloud page. Included: installations by Trimpin, Rumi Koshino, and Rob Angus; part of a tune (and a drum solo) by One Love, and Suzie Kozawa’s chime cluster (all recorded by permission). This will be part of the “SES Phonography Project”, in progress. More on that later.

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